The tall Varisian Venture-Captain seems just at home in this humble tent as he did in the backrooms of his bustling casino in Vellumis as he presides over dozens of pathfinders frantically packing tomes and treasures for transport out of Lastwall to a safer location.  He greats you as you enter the tent.  "They say you should always have a second string to your bow.  But as you can imagine, with the Whispering Tyrant on the move once more, we are grasping at sixth and seventh strings.  Our greatest danger at this moment, aside from the Tyrant himself, is the mess left behind at Gallowspire.  But that is more than even accomplished agents such as yourselves would be able to take on alone.  I have already sent scouts to explore it, and Absalom has promised to send their finest, led by Ollystra Zadrian.  In the mean time, I have another avenue I want you to explore.  As you should know, Ghasterhall was one of the Tyrants few remaining loyal strongholds.  Undoubtably with the Tyrant once more on the lose, they will rise to his cause.  There are too many there for a small party to face alone, but many years ago, I came upon a curious fact.  There is another stronghold nearby.  A sort of logistics and supply outpost for Ghasterhall as it were, gathering bodies, blood, bones and necrotic energies to supply the many and varied appetites at the hall.  Since the imprisonment of the Tyrant, it has lain dormant, but with his rise and the increase in activity and preparation at Ghasterhall, it is once more operating.  

This stronghold, Ghastmaw, is smaller, and I hope more lightly defended, than Ghasterhall itself, and far enough away that it would take time to reinforce.  I want you to go there, destroy and disrupt as much as you can, with an eye to weakening Ghasterhall.  While normally, I would ask that you return with as much information about it as you could, in this case, time is of the essence.  If you can find out how the maw supplies the hall, that would be a bonus, but it is more important that it stop, and that you return alive and well, and able to take part in the larger assault on Gallowspire once your fellow pathfinders arrive.


This adventure grew out of a request that was made that I come up with a "mock combat" to allow people to test out their characters for the PFS interactive special #10-98 so that they could spot and remedy weak points in their build / team and decide if they wanted to play champion or soldier.  As such, I designed it (as best I could) to be a little harder than I expected a PFS 15-16 subtier scenario to be.  After including 3 encounters featuring the types of opponents they said they expected to face, I added one last encounter, a variation on an encounter I have been trying to find a way to include for years.  As I was running it, a plot (or at least a location that could hold all these encounters) grew in my mind, and I decided to assemble it all.

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The Mock Combat.

If you just want the original 4 encounters as they were written, download this file.

The Adventure.

This adventure comes complete with maps and details of the dreaded Ghastmaw, a hideous tower that devours the living and supplies Gasterhall with an unending supply of necrotic fuel.

Jared Thaler

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