Shelving Wars!

For years now, your  closet has sat empty, because you and your room mate have been completely unwilling to decide how to fairly divide the space.  However recently, some kind neighbor dropped an entire truckload of random lengths of shelving in your back yard.  (Weird, I know, but these things just happen.)  So you and your room mate have devised a cunning scheme!  You will draw three shelves at random from the pile.  Then you will build a shelving box as wide and as tall as two of the boards, and mount it in the closet, and that space will be yours!  Unfortunately, then your room mate will get a turn to do the same, starting at the opposite corner. 

You plan on continuing in this fashion until you run out of wood, run out of space, or someone shows up looking for the wood!

 Shelving Wars Sample Game
Sample Game

Download Rules and Game Board: Here

(c) 2020 Jared Thaler